Supercharging Your Contact Center with Artificial Intelligence

Sponsored By: NICE, Replicant, Five9 and Verint

This month’s Best Practices instalment from CRM Magazine on AI in the contact center is clearly a case of technology that seems to have anticipated its own need and arrived on the scene in the nick of time. AI-powered technologies assisted customers, agents and call centers when businesses need them the most during the pandemic as they scrambled to meet demand.

DOWNLOAD and find out why AI as a ‘must have’ contact center technology and the emergence of a digital workforce of AI powered IVAs to serve customers and employees alike.

Not sure how to proceed? We have a clear and concise 8 step method for deploying a chatbot or virtual agent that everyone should review before they start their journey and frequently throughout rollout.

In this download, you will receive:

  • Best Practices for Implementing A Chatbot Or Virtual Agent by NICE
  • How Voice AI Can Take Your Contact Center To The Next Level by Replicant
  • AI And the Future Of Work In The Contact Center by Five9
  • From Novelty To Necessity: Ai In The Post-Pandemic Contact Center by Verint

With $2 billion spent on conversational AI in the past year, and that number expected to double in the next year, I’d recommend downloading this Best Practices pdf and keeping it handy.